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Very soon Cristina and Miguel Ángell will be at different events, for example at FIRA DEL LLIBRE (Valencia) or Salón del Cómic (Barcelona) . You will be able to follow the news that will be updated in our NEWS section.


You can already find in bookshops ENJAMBRE, an anthology of cómics and short tales published by Norma Editorial and coordinated by Susanna Martin. In it, Cristina Durán has taken part with a comic of 6 pages titled OBRERAS. In it you can read comics from: Ana Galvañ, Srta. M, Sonia Pulido, Lola Lorente, Miriam Muñoz, Txus García, Gally, Paulapé, María Castrejón, Susanna Martín, Pupi Herrera, Clara­-Tanit Arqué, Mamen Moreu, Elisa McCausland, Alejandra Alarcón, Ana García, Raquel GU, Lydia Sánchez, MP5, Carla Berrocal and María Herreros (who has made the cover). It has too an Ana Miralles's prologue and Marika Vila's Epilogue " This book is a buzz, it is a shout, is a singing, is a denunciation, is a warning. " (Ana Miralles)

VIÑETAS DE VIDA. Oxfam Intermon

It's a pleasure talking to you about VIÑETAS DE VIDA,“Más y Mejor Ayuda”.An Oxfam Intermón's wonderful project that tries to recover the civil support to the public politics of Cooperation to the Development. In it, several comic authors have travelled to different countries of Africa and Latin America to reflect later on all the experience in a comic. We have the honor of sharing this project with Paco Roca, David Rubín , Sonia Pulido , Álvaro Ortiz , Miguel Gallardo , Antonia Santolaya and Enrique Flores. We have travelled to Nicaragua and very soon you will be able to see the cómic that we are preparing about it. But meanwhile, it's already available the free App Comic on Tour where you can read an story that we made about GUATEMALA based on an OXFAM's report.VIÑETAS DE VIDA here: