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Very soon Cristina and Miguel Ángell will be at different events, for example at FIRA DEL LLIBRE (Valencia) or Salón del Cómic (Barcelona) . You will be able to follow the news that will be updated in our NEWS section.

El siglo de oro valenciano

It's already published EL SIGLO DE ORO VALENCIANO / EL SEGLE D'OR VALENCIÀ. This comic was commissioned by Biblioteca Valenciana Nicolau Primitiu and Academia Valenciana de la Llengua. It is a journey through the city of Valencia and its cultural esplendor in the fifteenth century. To realize this, the authors have worked with historians, archaeologists and philologists. It is available at the bookstore LLIG ( in Spanish and Valencian. And in digital version in BIVLADl (Valencian Digital Library)

The book arrived!! VIÑETAS DE VIDA.

After a time in the digital area (free App Comic On Tour) VIÑETAS DE VIDA gives the jump to the paper with Editorial Astiberri. This book assembles 7 cómic histories resultant of the trips that the authoresses and authors who took part in the project realized to countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America. Histories that have brought to us the human face that exists behind the cooperation and that they show the importance of defending and continue stimulating it. Cristina Durán, Michael A. Giner Bou narrate their experience in Nicaragua in the cómic RIPPLES ON THE RIVER. They share pages with others authors like Sonia Pulido, Miguel Gallardo, Álvaro Ortiz, Isabel Cebrián, Paco Roca, David Rubín, Antonia Santolaya and Enrique Flores. The book contains extra pages with images from their skcetchbooks and photos from the trips too. It's available in bookstores for only 15€. All the benefits will be for Oxfam Intermon cooperation projects: