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Original artwork for sale

You can find our original artwork in Pepita lumier's gallery in Valencia. More information in Pepita's website anf here:

Ciutat de Palma de Cómic 2016 Award

On January 20, Cristina Durán, Miguel Á. Giner Bou and Laura Ballester received the award "Premi Ciutat de Palma de Cómic 2016" for their project titled ON DAY THREE. This graphic novel tells the story of the ten years of fight of the AVM3J (Asociación Víctimas Metro 3 Julio) and is based on the investigations of the journalist Laura Ballester reflected in her book "Lluitant contra l'oblit" edited by Sembra Llibres. The adapted script is being made by Miguel Ángel Giner and the drawings are being made by Cristina Durán. It will be published at the end of 2107.

Una posibilidad. Edición integral.

This February 17, 2017 "Una posibilidad. Edición Integral" will be edited by Astiberri. This volume contains the graphic novels "Una posibilidad entre mil" and "La máquina de Efrén", and has extra material unpublished (a new epilogue, sketches, travel notebooks, script pages ...). We will be at 35 SALÓN DEL CÓMIC DE BARCELONA signing books at Astiberri's, Fryday 31st of march (19h-20h) and Saturday 1st of April (19h-20.30h)